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Franklin E Rainbolt, Jr. CFM SMA
Maintenance Supervisor
United Fire Group
April of 2010 Bob Grant came to our facility and gave myself and our maintenance staff basic O&M training on steam and hot water boiler systems. Bob made the subject matter easy to understand, tied everything together and answered all of our questions. I feel that we are in a better position to maintain and operate our boilers as a result of this training. I would recommend Bob and this training to anyone who has limited or no knowledge of boilers.
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In June of 2008 Cedar Rapids, Iowa was severely flooded by the Cedar River. When the river flooded it destroyed a 150 year old community steam plant.         St. Luke’s Hospital had purchased its steam from this plant for over 125 years.   In the spring of 2009 we began construction of a jointly owned steam plant with  Coe College. The staff members here at St. Luke’s Hospital were unfamiliar with  the maintenance and operations of a boiler plant. Bob Grant, our boiler inspector was nice enough to come in and give our entire crew a basic boiler maintenance and operation training and in-service. This was comprised by both classroom and in boiler house operational training. Bob also is good enough to give our main boiler house operator tips each time he comes in and does our annual boiler inspections. Bob’s training was a great benefit to the crew. His 40 plus years of boiler knowledge and his passion for sharing it keep the audience’s attention riveted on the subject.  
Rick Monthie, CPE, CHFM,  CPMM                                                                  
Plant Operations Manager
Unity Point Health - St. Luke's Hospital
1026 A Ave. NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402